The Yoga 'Cru' Collection is a true embodiment of the strength we are surrounded by in nature, these yoga mat and yoga posture straps are hand-woven from organic, locally sourced and hand-dyed cotton with hand- made brass rings.

‘Cru’ means ‘strength’ in Kayan and reminds us to look inward for our life force energy while calling upon the magic and vitality of the jungle and the mountains where these were made in a refugee village.

This collection has been designed for yoga studios and boutiques to carry  for their conscious clientele and is only available for wholesale. Check out our Lookbook and order information and contact to place an order. 

Every Yoga ‘Cru’ Collection piece is handmade to order, meaning that you can choose the colorways exclusive to you. Let WoC know (on the Purchase Order) what colors you would like for your ‘Cho’ Mountain or ‘Hwa’ Bamboo design.