Ku Tay Earrings

Ku Tay Earrings


These edgy handmade earrings encapsulate the ‘Ga Na Tay’ Conscious Collection rocker aesthetic. Crafted from wood and brass spike pendants handmade by refugee artisans, these sleek wooden earrings are lightweight to wear all day. Ku Tay means earring in the Kayan language spoken by the artisans making these. On 14k gold ear wires, ideally showcased with a sleek ponytail.

La Tuang made 10 pairs of Ku Tay Earrings as part of the Ga Na Tay Conscious Collection. Check out La Tuang's story and catch a glimpse of his artisanal skills in action.


I Love it!

• Handmade wooden spikes by refugee artisans

• Assembled by hand in USA

• 14k gold ear wires

• Recycled wood used for spike pendant

• For pierced ears

• Sales fund community projects