Bangle-Bracelets                     Necklaces

                                                                                         Bags                                          Rings 

                                                                                         Belts                                          Core Collection     

                                                                                        Bracelets                                  Ga Na Tay Collection               

                                                                                        Earrings                                    Terra Ma Collection  

CHOICE Collection               


Ways of Change's Shop features exclusive collections of handmade artisan jewelry and accessories. 

Each unique piece is handcrafted using traditional skills and tools by refugee artisans in an effort to preserve their heritage while learning new and modern designs.

Every purchase of WoC artisan jewelry and accessories directly supports the positive change that the communities want to see.

WoC's unique pieces honor and connect both the person creating it and the person wearing it while sharing stories of people, communities, culture and connection.

See how people are wearing and sharing their WoC artisan jewelry and accessories by following @WaysofChange and tagging #WearTheChange.