The Kayan women who work with Ways of Change are talented weavers. When it comes to sewing they often use beautiful hand-stitching techniques.

When WoC began working with the Kayan women and developing prototypes of bags, Aye Mee suggested that sewing machines would be ideal for this type of stitching. WoC set out to find pedal-powered sewing machines because the villages and camps have very little access to electricity.

WoC worked with local business owner Thet to teach sewing skills and techniques as well as how to operate and care for pedal-powered sewing machines.

Aye Mee, Mu Soe, Asuanta, Mu Co and a few interested local students attended Sewing Training for three days held at the WoC and KCDS office in March 2015. The women expressed how empowering learning this new skill was, as they had little to no previous access to education or vocational training.

In March 2016 Aye Mee and Mu Co attended advanced sewing training, which took place in their village with Mie Lie Uo. 

The women's sewing skills, both machine and hand-stitching, is showcased in the 'Terra Ma' Collection.