Cousins and founders Cara Boccieri and Lauren Baird were inspired during their extensive global journeys. They were inspired through fashion as well as the resilience of people who had been affected by conflict and migration.

Motivated by revolutionary social-consciousness and sustainable and holistic living practices and whilst pursuing their individual passions, Ways of Change was born.

Both cousins have continued to travel and live overseas; Lauren began her career in the fashion industry in Milan, Italy. She moved back to her home in California and continued working in the industry. In Australia she worked with fashion labels and modelling agencies all over the world.

Cara lived and traveled around Asia for several years before returning to Thailand to carry out research in the border region’s refugee settlements and publishing, “We Don’t Know Our Future” A Holistic Approach to Refugee Settlements. She joined Lauren in Australia while undertaking policy and advocacy work for programs in support of people affected by conflict and migration.

Cara and Lauren’s global experiences and inspirations have lead them to develop a co-created fashion label harnessing the huge potential of both people and the fashion industry to eventuate positive change in the world.


An important part of the way WoC works is through partnerships with local community-based organizations. This means partnering with organizations developed by and made up of people who are representative of the communities we are working with.

We value becoming part of the communities with which we work.

Our life-long relationship with Kayan Community Development Services (KCDS) is therefore invaluable. KCDS has provided everything from a home, an office, introductions and relationship building with communities, interpretation and facilitation of training.

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