Ways of Change products are a co-creation of traditional artisanal skills and our inspirations and designs.

The 2015 debut summer collection fuses the traditional brass jewelry skills of the Kayan craftsman together with modern influence to create a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

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The artisans working with Ways of Change are re-claiming the right to create exclusive and handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

Your product tells a story of its own, conveyed through the imprints of a hammer and scrapes of a machete, left behind by traditional tools and skills.

Ways of Change honors the human element, which our artisans represent thus no two pieces from our collections will be identical just as no two people are the same.

WoC’s pieces are handmade by a few artisans and so our collections are limited editions. Once the artisans have finished creating one collection, they move on to the next, making each piece exclusive and unique.

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Caring for Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry can patina over time. Traditionally, Kayan people clean their brass regularly, daily even, to prevent tarnishing.

Your brass jewelry has been cleaned using a traditional method before getting to you. This means using soapy water, something sour, lemon or tamarind, and another metal, such as a scour pad, to scrub.

If you prefer your brass jewelry to have a shiny appearance you can replicate this at home using regular dish soap, lemon and a scouring pad as often as you like.


Ways of Change takes all possible steps to decrease the impact of the products’ journey from the artisans’ hands to your hands.

Ways of Change has partnered with Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center to recycle students’ notebooks and papers to use as packaging to protect your pieces during postage.

WoC uses freight postage when feasible.  

Once your product has arrived at the Ways of Change Distribution Center in California, it is packaged in 100% recycled and biodegradable mailers for the final leg of its journey.