Nay Zar, Founder of our partner organization, KCDS, used an experience-based and empowerment-focused Financial Planning curriculum in order to introduce best practices in financial planning for income management.

Having grown up in the Middle Kayan Region of Burma himself, Nay Zar appreciates that people living in war-torn circumstances are plagued with uncertainty regarding the future, which in turn, affects people’s ability to plan. This absence of skills is apparent when it comes to financial planning.

The action packed training consists of participants being thrown into a reality-based experience known as the “Market Game.” Over the next two days, participants are introduced to new financial lessons including time management, and then have the opportunity to put the lessons into practice.

In March 2015 Nay Zar facilitated two sessions of Financial Planning for people living in two refugee villages and the refugee camp, in partnership with Ways of Change.

In 2017 KCDS carried out an all-women session of Financial Planning in the refugee camp.