Help us hire a Community Coordinator 

Cara’s work is made possible by the amazing support from her housemates who built her bamboo bungalow in Ban Nai Soi, Thailand, teach her the Kayan and Burmese languages and trek with her in the jungle.

In working towards Ways of Change being a sustainable and thriving social business which employees local people, we are currently accepting donations to fund a salary to employ Likeyu as Ways of Change’s Community Coordinator.

Likeyu, who also appeared in the episode with Cara, moved to Thailand from Burma five years ago. Since arriving, he has learned English and Thai, completed two degrees in Sustainable Community Development, worked as the Thailand Coordinator for our partner organization and as a Community Development and Leadership teacher at the local refugee school.

In the past, Likeyu has acted as a consultant for Ways of Change and we have had our eye on him as an employee for a long time. He is excited to step into the role of Community Coordinator and we need your help in order to take this big step towards sustainable growth.

WoC is especially impressed by Likeyu’s commitment to Entrepreneurial Training.

Recently, he demonstrated his commitment by trekking three hours into the nearby refugee camp to carry out Financial Planning Training for women living in the camp. After completing the three-day training, one of Likeyu’s students returned to Burma and opened a Thai restaurant! We can’t wait to hear more updates!