The people living in the villages working with Ways of Change migrated to Thailand as refugees and lived in refugee camps. They were recognized as potential tourist attractions and moved into refugee villages, which are open to tourism.

The current model of tourism is a mutually disempowering one, where residents are valued for the women’s physical characteristic (the brass coils worn on their necks) and tourists are offered the opportunity to view, but not engage with people.  

Ways of Change is working with the villages to co-create a mutually empowering model of tourism. Together, we are developing ways to share the villages’ culture, traditions and skills with conscious tourists. Because the villagers’ freedom of movement is restricted, the villages have the opportunity to co-create and learn about the world through the people who visit them.

The vision is one of visitors staying in the village, learning and engaging and also sharing their skills. We are all teachers and students!

Currently, the village is hosting Self-Reliance Workshops where they teach awesome traditional self-reliance skills in order to earn an income and move away from donor dependance; becoming more self-reliant.  

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