"When you wear Ways of Change, you are co-creating a story of  positive change, Love and connection."

The Ways of Change mission is for our co-created handmade collections to facilitate the very thing fast fashion conspires to stamp out: human connection. WoC pieces reflect the hands and stories, histories and traditions of the skilled artisans behind them.

When you #WearTheChange you are co-creating a new story with WoC artisans. You are connecting with people across the globe who make the products that you are proud to wear and share.

#WearTheChange is about power. It’s about choice. It is about co-creating the world that we want to live in.

By sharing their stories, their traditional skills and producing ethical products, WoC artisans are empowering you with a choice when it comes to making a purchase and becoming part of a story you can be proud to wear and share.

Feeling empowered? Make that feeling mutual by reaching out to the WoC community on social media. For WoC artisans who lack the kind of technological access many take for granted, it’s a powerful thing to feel connected to the global community online and witness the reception of their work directly.

Tag @WaysOfChange in a picture of how you wear Ways of Change products on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #WearTheChange. We will hand deliver your photos to the artisans.


      "Co-creation means creating from a place of Love and       equality. It happens in a space of oneness."

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Co-create your next product with refugee communities using traditional skills. Offer your customers a unique handmade product, ethically made and sourced in Thailand. Know that your impact is creating positive change that the communities WANT.

Personally experience the magic of co-creation in the jungles of Thailand OR connect with us on this fancy internet device to manifest your product into a reality. Each experience and design is unique…so we are going to design this whole thing together! 

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  • Connect with your powerful creative self in this unique jungle setting while working with Cara to design your exclusive experience and process of co-creation

  • Experience authentic connection with refugee communities who are offering traditional skill-sets (back-strap weaving, large loom weaving, hand-stitching, silver-smith, brass-smith, bamboo carpentry, etc.)

  • Work with communities who have already undergone sewing machine training, advanced weaving training, quality assurance training, co-creation facilitation and entrepreneurial/ financial training

  • Work with experienced local interpreters

  • Manifest your ethical product into reality through Cara's already existing sourcing relationships (e.g. local, organic, hand-dyed cotton, local crystals, local markets, tribal textiles, etc.)

  • Remain connected to Cara as she follows through with the production and quality assurance of your product

  • Have a social impact that is decided on and designed by communities around their needs and strategies

  • Fully immerse yourself in the experience of co-creation while our team makes sure to capture photo content for your use

  • Enjoy continued photo content from on-location for future use

  • Have your unique products seen on WoC's website, social media and at existing retailers

Ways of Change is a co-creation fashion brand connecting refugees to a global community. WoC's unique pieces honor and connect both the person creating the piece and the person wearing it. We tell the stories of people and connections. 

WoC Founder, Cara Boccieri, lives in the remote jungle with refugee communities co-creating unique products made possible through the connection that we share. We create a space of mutual empowerment - with this approach, we are offering an opportunity for select brands and designers to co-create with us. 

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Share your myriad of ideas and skills and connect with artisans to co-create unique handmade products. Cultivate a connection to the products that you sell and be proud to wear and share them! 

Our focus is on connection and we invite you to connect on a deeper level to the artisans that you work with and through the process of co-creation. 

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Have you ever wondered how you can be sure that the product you are selling is ethical? 

Do you want to have a truly positive social impact and create income for communities, but without appropriate knowledge and research you are afraid to have a "well-intentioned" fail?

By working within the existing Ways of Change model, your products will contribute to self-reliance and support community projects designed by the community themselves to create the change that they want to see. 

I have literally done the research for you...and published a book on it. I have been living and working with these communities for several years and believe it is only through our deep connection that we are able to create together. 

Besides the beautiful products created through our relationships, we have also created Community Projects such as; Healing Dance Program, Guest House Income Project, Biogas - cooking fuel, Entrepreneurial Training, Conscious Tourism, Natural Building, Weaving TrainingSewing Training, sustainable water sourcing and an Organic Cafe (run by the Youth Group). 

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Cara is the founder of the 'co-creation fashion' movement and Ways of Change. She is pretty qualified...

  • Published researcher / author, "A Holistic Approach to Refugee Settlements"
  • Founding member of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club
  • Studied 'Social Entrepreneurship,' 'Non-Violent Communication' and 'Participatory Research / Learning' with the United Nations
  • Been known to present across Europe at events such as Global Sustainable Fashion Week in Hungary, Budapest.
  • Spent years developing policy, procedure and advocacy guidance and documents for Red Cross' Migration Programs
  • Certified Maracass 'Healing Dance' facilitator
  • M.A. with the United Nations in 'International Peace & Conflict Resolution'
  • B.S. Environmental Sociology - Fair Trade
  • Post-grad course in Refugee Advocacy with the University of York
  • Lives in the Jungle! 

My passion is in sharing this unique way of working with communities; co-creation based on connection and equality. Are you an enterprise or organization interested in working in this way? I would Love to connect with you!

Hear more in the interview below!