How can you empower Ways of Change artisans? Connect with them. By connecting with WoC artisans you are allowing them access to the global community, or in other words you.

Having no access to a market means having no place to sell products, but it also means being unaware of what people are interested in purchasing and what is fashionable.

By sharing their stories, their traditional skills and producing ethical products, WoC artisans are empowering you with a choice when it comes to making a purchase and becoming part of a story you are proud wearing and sharing.

Feeling empowered? Make that feeling mutual by sharing a picture, video or a few words. Use the hashtag #WearTheChange on Instagram or Twitter so you can show the artisans how you are wearing their handcrafted products. Ways of Change will re-post some of our favorite images on our social media channels as well as share all of them with the artisans.

Visiting Thailand? WoC invites you to co-create a piece of handmade jewelry or woven accessory with the artisans we are working with on the Thailand Burma border. For WoC's regular retail prices, come and spend a day with an artisan co-creating your exclusive handmade piece! More information here.


The main focus of Ways of Change is first recognizing people’s skills and their potential and then offering opportunities to build on them.

WoC engages in a mutually empowering relationship with interns where WoC benefits from the skills and ideas of our interns and our interns have an opportunity to use new skills, develop projects of their own and gain experience while learning about social entrepreneurship as well as the culture, traditions and skills of the villagers. If you are interested in interning with WoC, get in touch.


Want to chat? We are all over the world and email is the best way to contact us. Feel free to get in touch.

General Enquires and Customer Care

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