"Co-creation means creating from a place of Love, connection and equality. It happens in a space of oneness."





You want to create a positive social impact on the world?


The 'Ways of Change' Co-creation Model begins with an inward journey of connecting with yourself, your environment and your values.  

From this place you will be able to connect with communities from a place of Love, value and equality and  create positive change that is actually desired by the communities you are working with.

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Concerns around ways of working, fair prices, communication, cultural competency and quality assurance of products, are all mitigated when we focus on human connection and abundance, trusting the process of co-creation. 


With the Ways of Change Co-creation Model you will experience;

  • Connection with your powerful creative self, your environment and the cultivation of your own values


  • Navigating cultural realities using needs-based communication and strategies 


  • Cultivating authentic relationships with communities and co-creating a business model, plan, products, services, projects, quality assurance and prices


  • Working with interns for mutual benefit


  • Love-based marketing

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As the founder of 'Ways of Change' and the co-creation fashion movement, Cara Boccieri has developed a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities, based on Love opposed to fear, abundance opposed to lack and connection and value opposed to pity, all contributing to flowing creative energy and the co-creation of products, services and positive change.

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With a background in social entrepreneurship, mediation and participatory methods, Cara will design, with you, your unique experience.

  • Published researcher / author, "A Holistic Approach to Refugee Settlements"
  • Studied 'Social Entrepreneurship,' 'Mediation' and 'Participatory Research / Learning' with the United Nations
  • Been known to present across Europe at events such as, Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary
  • Founding member of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club
  • Years developing policy, procedure and advocacy guidance and documents for the world's largest international organization
  • Certified Maracass 'Healing Dance' facilitator
  • M.A. with the United Nations in 'International Peace & Conflict Resolution'
  • B.S. Environmental Sociology - Fair Trade
  • Post-grad course in Refugee Advocacy with the University of York
  • Lives in the Jungle! 

My passion is in sharing this unique way of working with communities; co-creation based on connection and equality. Are you an enterprise or organization interested in working in this way? I would Love to connect with you!


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