The Ways of Change ‘CHOICE Collection’ embodies our innate power that we all share as humans; our CHOICE.

Created from recycled brass rings that Kayan women CHOOSE to wear on their necks, this jewelry is the story of CHOICE and it begins with a young Kayan woman who CHOOSES to wear these elegant golden rings, a Kayan tradition symbolizing femininity, strength and power.

It is her CHOICE, 15 years later to remove the rings, and she is inspired by the idea of recycling them to co-create a collection of jewelry which act as a symbol to the world of our power and our impact embodied by our CHOICES.

Ways of Change artisans empower you with a CHOICE by creating ethical products that you can be proud to wear and share and inviting you to become a part of this story. Muang Thai has hammered out these recycled rings after heating them over fire and added his own hand carved design to create the exclusive CHOICE Collection.

We use the power of our CHOICE everyday to create this world that we live in and the positive change that we want to see.

Our power.  Our impact. Our CHOICE.

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