During a Co-creative workshop, the village chief told us, "We don't want to cut the trees for cooking fuel anymore. We want to protect the jungle. It is hard work and it is illegal, sometimes people get arrested. And the women are cooking over the smoke all day. But we don't know what other options there are!"

With a village full of pigs, we suggested building a biodigester and using biogas as cooking fuel, a sustainable solution used in rural communities around the world. 

The village was previously unfamiliar with this method, however there was a lot of interest as we began to discuss and plan the build. Villagers expressed that the they were interested in the natural and free fuel production process as well as the use of pig manure, a previously unused waste in the village. 

Ways of Change provided information and consultation regarding the type of biodigester which best suits the villages needs, resources and lifestyle. 

In February 2017 WoC and the village built a biodigester for communal use in the village.